My dog tries to lick off doggy balm, what can I do?

Pet Pop Goods 100% natural and fragrance free Doggy Balm will still continue to work, heal and protect even if your pet has licked it off. It is important to apply often and at the first sign of dryness or before facing the elements outside. Applying the balm before bedtime when your dog is relaxed and less likely to resist application will allow additional healing time.

Try to distract your dog before applying Doggy Balm with a treat, mealtime, or a dab of peanut butter on top of their paws to prevent licking their snout!

Is Doggy Balm safe if my dog licks it off or tries to eat it?

Pet Pop Goods products are 100% natural, safe and edible. It is a natural reaction for your dog to want to lick off the balm when you apply it. Thankfully the balm will still continue to work even if you pup licks the application area.

My dog is resisting application of the balm, what can I do?

Some dogs may be nervous around new products or unfamiliar things. They may try to run away and pull back their paws and that is okay! We suggest trying to associate the product with something positive and a reward. Do not try to force the product on them, scold or reprimand them. Try calming them down first and offering a treat or once they are relaxed try swiping the product nonchalantly across their nose.

Application to paws requires more patience. A lot of customers find success when applying right before bedtime when their dog is more relaxed and less likely to resist. A distraction like a treat may help make the process easier.

Are your products fragrance-free?

Pet Pop Goods Doggy Balm is 100% natural and fragrance-free. We formulated this product with your pet’s health top of mind and left out undesirable ingredients. Any scent that is occurring is from the natural ingredients, not the synthetic, fake kind.

Where are your products manufactured?

We handcraft all of our own products using the finest of ingredients in Ontario, Canada!

Are your products safe for humans?

Rest assured that we use only the highest quality human grade ingredients. Many pet owners have reported using a swipe on their own problem skin to combat irritations.

Are your products safe to use on pregnant dogs, senior dogs and puppies?

Because Doggy Balm is 100% natural, dogs of all ages can safely use it. Pregnant dogs may find relief on their tired feet and help keep their nose moisturized. As dogs age, much like humans, skin changes and may require more TLC. Doggy Balm is the perfect way to help old paws and noses retain moisture and looking and feeling young. Puppies will benefit from the balm as it will help protect from the elements and keep them in top shape!

I have a store and would like to offer your products to my customers. Who do I contact?

We are thrilled you would consider being a retail partner! Please contact us at info@petpopgoods.com and we will respond to your email as soon as possible.